An unknown verse of Friedrich Schiller’s „Glocke“ was discovered in a vaulted cellar in Marbach, but before it could be presented to the public, it was stolen by „The Gambler“.

This mysterious art thief repeatedly manages to steal famous works of art and challenge the police.

Strangely enough, „The Gambler“ never demands money, but instead forces the police to play a cat-and-mouse game. Only those who defeat him in his perfidious game get the artwork back – otherwise it will be destroyed.

So your task is to defeat The Gambler and save the stolen poem by Friedrich Schiller.

To do so, you have to visit his birthplace Marbach…


This game takes you to many sights of the city of Marbach and along the way you will learn a lot about the history and Marbach itself.

This game does not require a game master on site. At the start of the game you will receive the first mystery by email. This is the beginning of a chain of tasks, at whose end hopefully the poem will be saved…

No „funny photo tasks“ or the like have to be created, but it is about solving a chain of mysteries and puzzles.

In the Englisch version you’ll get the information you need by mail in English and the puzzles/mysteries are translated as far as possible in English as well. Two parts of the city rally contain German text, due to the use of permanently installed text panels. Therefore it is good if one of the players is able to speak German.

  • Outdoor city rally/ scavenger hunt in Marbach
  • From approx. 14 years (accompanied by a parent or guardian and maybe a German nativ speaker)
  • Duration: approx. 120 minutes
  • Gift voucher available by mail
  • Please remember to wear good shoes because you have to walk about 2 km and rain protection or sun protection
  • Something to drink would also be helpful.
  • Something to write
  • One or more printouts of the information you receive by mail
  • You will also need an Internet-enabled smartphone with GPS receiver and Google Maps (or similar)
  • Level of difficulty: medium


Price: Flat rate 99€

The procedure is as follows.
First we ask you to transfer the 99€.

Paypal payment please to:

The bank details are:
Andreas Mueller
BLZ: 602 500 10
Waiblingen Kreissparkasse
Subject: Name of the person booking

After that we will arrange a date where you want to play the „Gamble“.

You will receive a city map by mail in advance (after payment), which you should print out. Alternatively you can use the map in your mobile phone. But we recommend the printout.

Shortly before the start you will receive the last information about your adventure by email. Among other things the homepage and the access data for the first task.
Therefore we also need exact information from you on which day and at what time you want to play.

Your starting point is the Rondelturm in Marbach. You will surely find it easily.
The game does not need a game master. If you get stuck on a task, you can get hints and the solution if necessary. Just click on the word „hint“ or „solution“ at the bottom of each page.

Once you have found the solution, click on „NEXT“ and enter the solution. If the solution is correct, you will be navigated to the next task… etc- until the end.
Please take care to scroll down the pages to the end, so that no information is lost.

On the homepage you will also find a list of all tasks so that you can jump back if necessary.


Near the starting point there is a public parking garage in Grabenstraße 1, 71672 Marbach am Neckar

And then it starts…

Contact mail: